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Barbara Seith:  Artist

...Actually  Watercolorist. The first slash of color on a gleaming white paper is dazzling.  The promise of colors dancing with the white until only glimpses of it remain, tantalizing the eye.  Light and shadow, waltzing, tangoing, doing the watusi, vivid, glistening, twinkling waiting.  Waiting to be captured, luminescent and sparkling.  The sea, children, flowers, palm trees, light, illumination, radiance, glow…the light.

The light is what I am drawn to.  The light is what I paint.  Light outlining children’s faces, defining the edges and colors of a flower, tap dancing across the waves.  The light draws the eye, the imagination.  Watercolors alone let translucent hues glisten on the page.  Watercolor has the unique ability to capture portraits of light, the paper glows through the paint that reflects like no other medium. 

A tough master, after years of experimentation (my positive spin on “mistakes”) and happy accidents result in ways of dealing with my mischievous cats who like to step in wet color and leave their unique imprints.

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